Yamba, Australia Is Much More Than A Sleepy Little Fishing Village

Australia is known for its best coastal towns in the world. The more and more popular places to visit make these places a hub for the visitors. Gold coast and the Sapphire coast are the two main coast areas to visit. From the number of towns in this Sapphire coast, Merimbula is one of the best and relaxing to visit.

Stupid resource boxes. By far, this was the biggest flaw in what I found. For example, one very good article on this in Maui had a resource box promoting discount tours in 2010. There was no way to contact the author to request a change in the resource box, so I reluctantly had to eliminate this candidate. What I wanted to see in the resource box was something about the author that would tie into the topic and indicate how they knew about the topic they were writing on, along with their link. This was extremely rare in my search.

An afternoon of whale watching followed by the best ice cream imaginable rounds out a great day on Cape Cod. Four Seas Ice Cream shop is the third oldest ice cream shop in New England. It first opened in 1934 and the recipes stay the same…rich creamy goodness in a variety of flavors. Just a suggestion: try the chocolate almond; it’s out of this world. The ambiance is that of an old 30-40s type ice cream shop with metal stools at the bar and booths in the dining area. A delicious stop while visiting Cape Cod that just shouldn’t be missed. If you want the full scoop on Four Seas Ice Cream their website is listed below along with others to help you plan a fun-filled family vacation.

So our campervan trip continued on from Akaroa, down the east coast of the South Island and across to Fiordland, which is one of the most stunning places on earth. I mean just… wow. It’s at the bottom of the South Island and has sounds like Marlborough at the top, but they’re somehow more dramatic, and there are dolphins in them too. You can see the dolphins if you go for a cruise on Doubtful Sound, or Milford Sound, but there’s only one species, the bottlenoses. You probably wouldn’t want to swim with them either. Aside from the water being dark, (which means it’s like a mirror, reflecting the breathtaking hills, waterfalls and mountains above,) it’s freezing.

Today, only about 300 Northern right whale survive, and scientists fear that number may dwindle to 200 if things don’t change. They’re talking about the possibility of extinction in a couple of centuries. And some call the right whale the most endangered large mammal in the world.

Pack properly! Bring a sweater or light jacket for the cooler mornings and evenings. Load up your beach bag with extra towels in case yours get wet, and an extra t-shirt and pair of shorts can come in handy if you venture out after your beach excursion. Water shoes are useful for exploring rocky or coral covered areas.

Basically, what is kayak travel? It’s simply sailing in a small boat powered by humans. A kayak is a concave lens like shaped boat also known as a canoe. It’s covered by a deck and has a cockpit covered by a sprat deck. It simply works with a double bladed paddle that is manually paddled while seated. Another name for it is a hunter’s boat.

Race Point Beach is a good place to look for whales as well as dolphins. Sometimes distance spouts or blows are seen far offshore. Other times the whales may come in close to feed, traveling up and down the coastline where they are easy to see with the naked eye. Humpback and fin whales are the most commonly seen species but keep an eye out for the small, fast moving minke whales.

If you’re lucky, you may be close enough to see a whale that has white patches of lice on its head, over its eyes and around its mouth. They all do. In the whale world, these are its ‘fingerprints’; no two whales have the same patterns of lice (which don’t hurt the whale).