10 Lies Black Ladies Tell Themselves

10 Lies Black Ladies Tell Themselves

OK, so you are here to learn how you can get some respect from your date. No doubt you want some real useful information that is specific to white girls who love black guys.

The days of the bold and handsome white women black men dating site with their shaved heads are beginning to pass over us. Now many white women black men dating site are sporting styles that at times, (sorry to say ladies), looks better then your hair.

I also have black girlfriends who said they would die before they would enter into a relationship with a white man. One even referred to it as “sleeping with the slave master”. Personally, after a slew of bad relationships with black men, I simply opened my eyes and simply sought a “good man”. I didn’t care if he was alien-green.

Irrational racism was rampant at the time the original King Kong was made. It’s rampant now. It will always be rampant. And the movie reflects the fear. It’s both racist and sexist and racially sexist.

With public assistance, white and black dating sites learned that they no longer needed Black men to survive. You must understand that black men have been absolved of responsibilities since slavery. Public assistance was another notch in the emasculatation of Black men. Because most black men had a run-in of sorts with the law, many jobs were unavailable to them. Once again, dating sites for black women looking for white men would pick up the slack. It was easier to hire a black woman. We were exploited, raped, treated apathetically by our owners. No one seemed to care.

Honestly, my ideal mate has a good heart, a high level of integrity and an outstanding sense of self. God bless him if I’m able to bounce a quarter off of his abs or butt. I won’t even complain if he has the stamina of a thoroughbred. I just need him to know I’m easily turned on by respect, sincere gifts and sharing. Not to mention that I may even be willing to do a stupid pet trick if he has above average communication skills.

This getting worked up over black and white dating isn’t necessary coz while giving yourself peptic ulcers trying to come up with the most prejudicial reasoning for interracial dating, someone else’s peptic ulcers that were caused by years of loneliness are getting healed by interracial love which is as real as any other.

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